We all tend to lose our hearing as we get older and almost everyone will lose at least 20% of their hearing capacity by the age of 60. For many people its much higher than that and the fact that we generally take poor care of our hearing definitely contributes to that. One of the main reasons for this is because our hearing fades so gradually we don’t really notice it and we don’t really pay attention to a fading quality of hearing.

As one of our most pleasurable sense its really important that you start looking after your hearing. When you start noticing any changes you need to act quickly because early detection of problems can make a big difference. With that being said, here are 3 easy ways to tell when your hearing starts fading.

1. High Frequencies
Kids who still have a very sensitive hearing ability can detect incredibly high frequencies that most adults simply cannot hear. As you get older your ability to hear these high frequencies will fade and a loss of hearing usually starts with these. Although a medical test is the best way to detect this, you will probably best notice this when listening to music and not being able to hear certain sounds clearly.

2. Not Responding
Do people around you often talk to you or call your name without you responding? Maybe people close to you have told you about this or maybe you started noticing it yourself. This is an easy indication that you need a proper hearing test.

3. Your Bad Ear
Do you have to turn your head and really focus when someone is talking to you? Maybe you always turn to one side without really knowing that one of your hears aren’t hearing as well as it should. If you really have to focus on someone’s voice just to hear them then you probably have some hearing issues that needs to be addressed.

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